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J&P Organics began with a shattered dream. In 1997, Pablo and his wife, Florencia, were leasing a small raspberry farm. While in full production, a water pump broke. Although they were willing to split the cost for a new one, the other farmers leasing land decided against it. The dreams of Pablo to be his own boss and provide for his family were crushed.

Years later, while Juan "JP" (Pablo’s eldest son) attended college, he stumbled upon a program sponsored by CSUMB (Organic Agriculture Training Program). This program, along with the education JP received at CSUMB gave his family the tools necessary to realize the dream of one day being their own boss. Pablo and Florencia took a chance and quit their jobs to train with the Organic Agriculture Training Program and eventually leased some land to grow organic fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Since 2010, the family works together; Pablo, Florencia, Maickey and JP grow the veggies, fruit, and flowers. JP and his brother Maickey deliver to homes in Monterey County, drop-off locations in Santa Clara County, and go to Farmer Events- while JP’s wife, Wendy, coordinates the CSA program that provides fresh, organic vegetables and fruits to over 300 people in three counties.

J&P Organics’ main purpose is to provide fresh organic fruits and vegetables that promote human and environmental health by farming in harmony with the resources of our precious planet.



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JP Organics



Phone: +1 831 578-9479

or text: +1 831 578-4777

J&P Organics will be closed for the winter. Any questions please email us. Thank you!

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