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Once you finish the registration you will:

1. Receive an email every Tuesday listing the items in that weeks’ box.

2. IMPORTANT: If you wish to receive a box, go to the web-store (the link will be on

the weekly email) log-in to your account and order it. 

*if you don’t want a box that week, simply ignore our email.


No commitment policy, you may cancel at any time.

› Receive deliveries weekly, every other week, or even once a month.


Payment Options:

You can use your credit card or debit or you can pay through your PayPal account.

You are free to order once a week, every other week, once a month . . . whenever you want a box.


» Regular Box
Price: $25.00
Description: Consists of organically grown fruits and vegetables.  We strive to offer an equal balance of fruits and vegetables, depending on seasonality. (Available Year-Round)

» Egg Box
Description: Includes a regular box plus 1 dozen (large brown) organic eggs from Glaum Egg Ranch. (Available Year-Round)

» Flower Box
Price: $31.00
Description: Includes a regular box plus 1 bunch of organically grown flowers by J&P Organics.

» Friendly Box
Description: Includes a regular box plus 1 dozen (large brown) organic eggs and 1 bunch of flowers.


J&P Organics delivers farm boxes to your home or work in: UCSC, Santa Cruz, Soquel, Aptos, La Selva Beach, Moss Landing, Castroville, Las Lomas, Royal Oaks, Watsonville, Prunedale, Salinas, Marina, CSUMB, Seaside, Ryan Ranch, Del Rey Oaks, Ragsdale, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Carmel and Carmel Valley.

Depending on where you live/work, you will receive your delivery on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Delivery Days City
Wednesday Santa Cruz, Soquel, Aptos, Watsonville, La Selva Beach, Prunedale, Moss Landing, Castroville, Las Lomas, Royal Oaks, Salinas, Las Palmas, Toro Park, San Benancio, HWY 68
Thursday North Monterey
CSUMB, Marina, Fort Ord, Seaside, Del Rey Oaks, Ryan Ranch, Ragsdale, La Mesa Village, Deer Flats, Josselyn Canyon Road, and Monterey (Aguajito Towards Seaside)
Friday South Monterey
Monterey (Aguajito towards PG), Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Carmel, Carmel Valley

» Payment Method:
Pay as you go with debit, credit, or paypal.

» Questions? 
Call/Text Wendy: 831.578.4777 or JP: 831.578.9479


Farm Produce


• Strawberries
• Raspberries Gold
• Raspberries Red

• Blue Berries


• Mandarins

• Oranges

• Pomelos

• Guavas

• Pomegranates

• Persimmons

• Meyer Lemons

• Corn Sweet Bi-Color
• Bell Peppers
• Baby Bok Choy
• Green Beans

• Red Beets
• Gold Beets
• Chiogga Beets

• Broccoli

• Green Leaf Lettuce
• Red Leaf Lettuce

• Romaine Lettuce


• Spinach

• Carrots

   (Orange, Rainbow, Purple)

• Pumpkins
• Butternut Squash
• Delicata Squash
• Carnaval Squash
• Acorn Gold Squash
• Acorn Green Squash
• Butter Cup Squash
• Sunshine Squash
• Spaghetti Squash


• Sugar Peas
• English Peas

• Red Onions
• Yellow Onions
• Green Onions
• Deep Red Purple Onion

• Pearl Drop Onion

• Leeks

• Genovese Basil
• Thai Basil
• Purple Basil


• Swiss Chard Rainbow
• Swiss Chard Rubi Red

• Dino Kale
• Green Kale


• Lemon Cucumber
• Green Cucumber

• Striped Cavern Tomatoes
• Yellow Pear Tomatoes
• Red Pear Tomatoes
• Grape Tomatoes
• Roma Tomatoes
• Red Slicing Tomatoes

• Cherry Heirloom Tomatoes


• Red Cabbage

• Green Cabbage


• Cauliflower


• Red Potatoes

• White Potatoes

• Russet Potatoes



• Eight Ball Zucchini
• Italian Zucchini
• Geode Zucchini
• Floridor Zucchini
• Flying Saucer Zucchini
• Patty Green Zucchini
• Sunburst Zucchini
• Starship Zucchini
• Yellow Crookneck Zucchini
• Zephyr Zucchini
• Magda Zucchini

• Cilantro


• Bell Pepper

   (Green, Yellow, Red)


• Artichokes

• Jerusalem Artichoke


• Dahlias
• Statice
• Sunflower
• Sweet Williams
• Straw Flower
• Gladiolas

• Marco Polo

• Mary Gold

• Snap Dragons

• Carthamus

• Larkspur

• Queen Anne’s Lace

• Stock

Where to Find Us:

JP Organics


Phone: +1 831 578-9479

or text: +1 831 578-4777

Any questions please email us. Thank you!

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